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February 21, 2007

Here we go!

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Ok, so I got WordPress running on my site. The five-minute install really did only take five minutes. So, I can officially be considered a blogger, because as you can now see, I am blogging. Now, I can complement my new Phanfare photo gallery with a bunch of yammering about my family and travels and what ever should come to mind. What ever should come to mind would include matters historical, literal, food, drink, and cheese (which is a kind of food)… matters technological, educational, political, and spiritual. There are several stories that many, many people have been wearing me out with their demands that I publish in some kind of written form. By many, many people I mean two or three or the voices in my head. And by hounding me, I mean someone mentioned something that made me think of something else, that I thought might make a legendary blog entry. So if you are patient, I will undoubtedly include the long awaited first person accounts of how a rodent stowed away in our car on a trip down the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Also I will include my highly symbolic and yet to be interpreted “Waiting for Godot” and “Der General” dreams. Also I will describe how I was able to smuggle a Swiss Army knife onto an international flight. All this will come… later.

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