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March 18, 2007

Movie Review: The Prestige

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Man! What a great film. A genuinely unique film and joy to watch. I’ve watched it twice now. It has some major twists in it that make it a very fun watch. Even the second time it is fun to watch even knowing all its secrets. I can’t stand movies that have to tell you everything at the end because there wasn’t enough along the way to figure it out. The best is when all the clues are there and the final piece is revealed and everything is laid out. This is how The Prestige unfolds. All the clues are there, but there is also enough ambiguity to keep you guessing. More that this all the sets are done fantastically. They really set the stage for the drama which takes place mostly in London at end of the nineteenth century. David Bowie is also well cast as the eccentric scientist, Nikola Tesla. Now this film is unlikely to win any Academy awards, but in my opinion it is one of the most unique and most enjoyable films that has come out in a long time.

Movie Review: Man of the Year

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I watched this film on an international flight. Granted it takes a lot for a film to really knock you out on a plane with the little screen, typically bad audio, and all the background noise. This film really didn’t need the handicap. It was not going to impress even in a theater. It was not a good film. And too bad for that. It had a lot of potential. This movie could not make up its mind if it was a political comentary film, a comedy, or a thriller. It essentially was about a third of each and that doesn’t add up to a whole movie. Avoid this film if you haven’t already seen it.

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