It looks like this flick is out on DVD now, but I saw it on a plane. It was originaly rated PG-13 by the MPAA mainly for violence, terror, and distubing images, but also for sensuality. I don’t recall anything terribly objectionable in the sensuality department, though there are some voyeuristic elements (central to the story) and you see the main female character in her underwear a bit because of that, but those are still relatively non-sexual… Anyhow, the regular not edited for the airlines version may be more objectionable–I can’t vouch for that.

Anyhow, my review: This film is killer! This is one of the most entertaining action films I’ve seen in a while. This and other films that have come out recently are renewing my hope for Hollywood. It seems like there was a serious derth of good films there for a while, but with this and “The Prestige” man we’ve got at least a couple of good-as-any films this past year. Anyhow, I won’t spoil the story–see it for yourself. I’ll just say that this film has got the fast pace you’d expect from any Jerry Bruckheimer flick. It gets right into the action and keeps you involved to the very end. It is a smart film with sci-fi twist and a fresh plotline (or at least a fresh twist on a rarely used plotline). When you leave you are still thinking about it. Seriously, I was still getting my mind around it hours after it finished.

Bottomline: highly recommended.

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