Movie Review: Marie Antoinette

Let me not waste my time or yours–Do not watch this movie! This movie was a complete waste. The movie is a period piece about Marie Antoinette, played by Kirsten Dunst of Spiderman fame. It is long, boring and goes no where. This movie should never have been made and probably would not have been made except that it was written and directed by Sofia Copala, the daughter of legendary director Francis Ford Copala. It tries to be interesting by mixing it up with a modern pop sound track, much in the same way as Knight’s Tale (a good movie, worth watching). However, Knight’s Tale had a lot more going for it, namely a story, and a lot of fun sword fighting, jousting, and off beat comedy. Marie Antoinette had none of this. It had a lot of fancy French sets and period costumes and that’s about it. In the end all I could look forward to was the main characters getting their heads cut off and guess what? It ended before that. What? After all that I don’t even get the satisfaction of watching these actors and actresses pay for their crimes against cinema.

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