This is what a blog is for, right? I mean, this is my forum for anything I feel like getting off my chest. This may not seem very important in the grand scheme of things. Like, does this topic really merit being my second post? But really it’s my first post, because, ya know, that first actual post is just a sort of “Howdy, here’s my blog!” But, in any case as it turns out this is my post. Now all that said, this post, by my estimation, probably ranks among the most important 1% of blog posts ever. That is essentially because 99% of all blog entries on the entire World Wide Web go something like “Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while. I didn’t do anything today, and now I’m going to bed.” Anyhow, as far as Homestar Runner is concerned… my position is… well, I’m not a fan. That may come as a surprise to many of you, because Homestar Runner is HUGE among the technology set and being a systems administrator I stand to lose a lot of face among my contemporaries, but here we are, I’m going on record. Let me say moreover, that if I were a fan, I would not freely admit that, because whereas among geeks, Homestar Runner is a rallying point, among the rest of the world affiliation with Homestar Runner would subject me to a host of “profiling” efforts. People would assume that I was socially deficient, that perhaps I still lived at my parents’ house, that I shunned the light of the sun… I certainly would not have a book bag with the image of Strong Bad emblazoned on it. But, I suppose this is an easy gift idea… See, I am currently doing what I fear would be done to me. I am sitting at a regional educational technology conference and enjoying the free and ubiquitous Wi-Fi, multi-tasking, blogging AND listening… really. A co-presenter is giving off all the vibes… interprets “business casual” as “wear a velour blazer, shirt, and tie all purchased at a thrift store… and don’t really go together… with low-top Converse All-Stars,” uses Mac and Keynote… etc. Don’t get me wrong. I love Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I use a Mac (I’m not irrational on this issue; I’m non-partisan; more to come on this I’m sure). I favor Keynote. Anyhow, I don’t want to be labeled and categorized. Do you see what I’m talking about? I am an individual, can’t I be free to like Chuck Taylors and simultaneously not be socially impaired? Can’t I be a good systems administrator and not “get” Homestar Runner? So, there you have it. Just gotta be me.

But that’s not really an adequate response, is it? I mean, it sounds like I just do want all the baggage that comes with being a Homestar Runner fan. No, I’m not that superficial. So, for anyone who really wants my personal review of Homestar Runner, here it is in brief. Homestar Runner is fresh, unique, and quirky. But ultimately, it is not a laugh riot. It is kinda subtly amusing, but I prefer my humor more potent. Homestar Runner gives you the same kinda feeling you got watching Napoleon Dynamite or Nacho Libre. It was kinda funny, but I didn’t laugh out loud. I guess I prefer more amusement for my comedy watching investment… of time, that is.

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