Please stop posting pics with black bands at the top and bottom…

Look you’ve got to stop posting these pics on Facebook–the ones with the black bands at the top and the bottom. (This also applies to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other place smart phone pics are accepted.) Apparently you learned how to take a screen capture with your phone, but you didn’t learn how to […]

Logging in Automatically and Other Windows 8.1 Tweaks

I run Windows 8.1 as a virtual machine in VMware Fusion.  I let the host operating system take care of security, specifically: Require login at boot and wake from sleep Screensaver enabled after 5 minutes Require password at screensaver Start screensaver hot corner If I lock my host OS, then you can’t get to the […]

Some Unsolicited Advice about Posting a lot of Pictures on Facebook

Recently while checking Facebook, I saw that a friend had added 200 new photos to a gallery. I had to say something. So I messaged him with some unsolicited advice. I realized that there are others out there who need to hear this message so I am republishing it here as an open letter: Dear Friend, I wouldn’t […]

Review: They Might Be Giants Friday Night Video Podcast

The occasion of our family’s first grand car trip–we’re driving from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles–reacquainted me with the They Might Be Giant’s Friday Night Video Podcast. This is one of the most awesome podcasts by any measure. And I am not exaggerating. It features John and John of TMBG as sock puppets. They enjoy […]

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