Review: They Might Be Giants Friday Night Video Podcast

The occasion of our family’s first grand car trip–we’re driving from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles–reacquainted me with the They Might Be Giant’s Friday Night Video Podcast. This is one of the most awesome podcasts by any measure. And I am not exaggerating. It features John and John of TMBG as sock puppets. They enjoy some amusing banter as you would expect in any talk or variety show and then they introduce video clips from their children’s albums Here Come the 1, 2, 3’s and Here Come the A, B, C’s. Our children love the podcasts. And unlike some children’s programs their offbeat sense of humor and lyrics as well as their catchy tunes are very appealing to adults–at least Claudia and me.

If you are a fan of TMBG, Cake, or Bare Naked Ladies, you will enjoy the music. Your kids will too. And they’ll learn about the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and other things like conifers and Davy Crocket–well, maybe not too much about Davy Crocket. The biggest bummer of the podcast is that they took a vacation in the summer of 2008 and apparently haven’t come back. We look forward to their return. In the mean time we will probably have to pick up one or more of their CD/DVD collections.

Check them out on iTunes. Or you will get a sample of their some 813 Mile Car Trip in our road trip galley to be posted soon.

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