Gartner Symposium: Enterprise Applications in a Web-Centric World

Either this session was way over my head or these guys weren’t really saying anything. They threw around a lot of terminology and buzz-words. Here’s a list of the top buzz-words that seemed to be central to the point they were making: Web 2.0: Community, Mash-ups SOA (Service Oriented Architecture, spelling it out for anyonenot […]

Gartner Symposium: Keynote Panel: A Look Into the Labs with IBM, Intel, and Microsoft

I have seen the future. There has been a lot of talk about theories and processes and ways of doing business in the future in the sessions at Symposium. But this session showed videos of real stuff that Microsoft, IBM, and Intel are working on right now and we will see on the store shelves […]

Gartner Symposium: Keynote with IBM VP for Innovation, Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger

There wasn’t much to take away here. A lot of what was said was similar to what has been said before only not as fast or with as much inflection. Here’s one of the godd take aways: How do we design applications and systems that support our business processes? How do you design systems that […]

Gartner Symposium: Keynote with Second Life founder and CEO Phillip Rosedale

Illustrating just how powerful the Second Life reality distortion field is, Second Life’s CEO and founder, Phillip Rosedale, garnered the top keynote slot at Gartner’s April Symposium.  I am in the pessimistic camp when it come to Second Life.  My first post about Second Life will give you some idea as to why.  However, that […]

Gartner Symposium: The Future of Infrastructure and Operations

I just left a very hard-hitting seminar by Gartner analyst, Thomas Bittman–very deep and thought provoking. Basically he and Gartner are predicting that the future of IT infrastructure and operations is shifitng from a physical paradigm to a virtual one. The orientation is basically taking into consideration that businesses and organizations are shifitng to a […]

Gartner Symposium: Collaboration Trends and Technologies

Surprising little information here. Basically they said that the way we use IT to communicate personally is the way we will collaborate professionally. There was not a lot of very specific stuff to “hang your hat on.” Here are some bullet take aways: Convergence. A user can see who is online and have a palette […]

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