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August 28, 2007

Singing in the car

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One of my favorite things to do is sing in my car. My husband gave me an ipod about two years ago, and I am still thanking him for it. I love having all of our great music at the tip of my fingers. I love being able to play any genre with just a few clicks; worship, reggae, kids’, or a playlist!

Whenever I don’t have three little ones buckled in the back seat of my SUV I play worship music. I play it really loud and I sing really loud! I wonder if other drivers realize I’m singing, or if they think I’m having a passionate conversation on my cell phone. Sometimes I raise my hands, but I never close my eyes. I like being able to worship Jesus without worrying that my off-key voice is preventing someone near from entering in!

Some of my favorites are Dwayne Roberts from IHop, Brian and Jenn Johnson from Bethel, Dennis Jernigan, Misty Edwards, Hillsong United, Vineyard, Chris Tomlin, and a whole bunch of others.

Thank you for my ipod, Lover!

August 21, 2007

About putting recipes on the blog…

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Update: I’ve been wanting to find a better way to post recipes on the web than simply in a blog.  I installed a webapp called PHPRecipeBook.  It isn’t fantastic, but it has all the basic functionality that I am looking for in an online personal cookbook.  So, I’ve moved all my previously posted recipes over there.  I have done most of the customization necessary to keep it pretty much consistent with this blog’s theme/style .  I’ll do some more tweaking/development/customization as time permits.  Those recipes are at

We’ve been wanting to put a few recipes on our website for some time. There are plenty of recipe websites out there, so why put our recipes out there too? There are several reasons for putting our recipes on our website.

  • All of these recipes have the distinction of being tried, tested, tasted, and perfected by us, the Georges. No other collection of recipes can claim that distinction. All those other recipe websites, have acres and acres of recipes. And it is very difficult to tell whether any given recipe is any good or not. Take for instance lemonade. A certain recipe website may have a dozen recipes for lemonade. Which one should you use? Well that question has now been answered. You use ours. This collection is and will always be very incomplete and unbalanced. For instance, today it is heavy on beverages. Our point is not to be comprehensive. Our point is to be good. We promise that every recipe we post will be yummy.
  • We wanted a place to put the recipes our friends and families ask for.
  • And perhaps the most important reason is that we travel a lot and who takes there recipes with them when they travel? Well, now we can, because they are only as far away as the nearest Internet connected pc.

Why put them in the blog? Well a blog is a place to put into writing your thoughts and feelings and all that junk. Well, I think that what we eat and drink says a lot about who we are also. By putting recipes in the blog, it gives us an opportunity for people to learn about us by what we eat and drink. What we believe about healthy living. Also we can editorialize a bit about what we think about how to prepare, serve, and consume food. But also, it’s just laziness. Since we reorganized our website, we basically have a gallery and a blog. The blog works for text and corresponding images. I didn’t want to research or write a recipe program and customize the theme to match the rest of our site, so it goes in the blog. But check it out. With the recipes in the blog they are easy to find. After a while they get archived like everything else, but you can find them by jumping to the recipe category. They are searchable with the search tool in the blog. And they’ll be searchable with major search engines after they’ve been indexed.

February 21, 2007

My Position on Homestar Runner

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This is what a blog is for, right? I mean, this is my forum for anything I feel like getting off my chest. This may not seem very important in the grand scheme of things. Like, does this topic really merit being my second post? But really it’s my first post, because, ya know, that first actual post is just a sort of “Howdy, here’s my blog!” But, in any case as it turns out this is my post. Now all that said, this post, by my estimation, probably ranks among the most important 1% of blog posts ever. That is essentially because 99% of all blog entries on the entire World Wide Web go something like “Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while. I didn’t do anything today, and now I’m going to bed.” Anyhow, as far as Homestar Runner is concerned… my position is… well, I’m not a fan. That may come as a surprise to many of you, because Homestar Runner is HUGE among the technology set and being a systems administrator I stand to lose a lot of face among my contemporaries, but here we are, I’m going on record. Let me say moreover, that if I were a fan, I would not freely admit that, because whereas among geeks, Homestar Runner is a rallying point, among the rest of the world affiliation with Homestar Runner would subject me to a host of “profiling” efforts. People would assume that I was socially deficient, that perhaps I still lived at my parents’ house, that I shunned the light of the sun… I certainly would not have a book bag with the image of Strong Bad emblazoned on it. But, I suppose this is an easy gift idea… See, I am currently doing what I fear would be done to me. I am sitting at a regional educational technology conference and enjoying the free and ubiquitous Wi-Fi, multi-tasking, blogging AND listening… really. A co-presenter is giving off all the vibes… interprets “business casual” as “wear a velour blazer, shirt, and tie all purchased at a thrift store… and don’t really go together… with low-top Converse All-Stars,” uses Mac and Keynote… etc. Don’t get me wrong. I love Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I use a Mac (I’m not irrational on this issue; I’m non-partisan; more to come on this I’m sure). I favor Keynote. Anyhow, I don’t want to be labeled and categorized. Do you see what I’m talking about? I am an individual, can’t I be free to like Chuck Taylors and simultaneously not be socially impaired? Can’t I be a good systems administrator and not “get” Homestar Runner? So, there you have it. Just gotta be me.

But that’s not really an adequate response, is it? I mean, it sounds like I just do want all the baggage that comes with being a Homestar Runner fan. No, I’m not that superficial. So, for anyone who really wants my personal review of Homestar Runner, here it is in brief. Homestar Runner is fresh, unique, and quirky. But ultimately, it is not a laugh riot. It is kinda subtly amusing, but I prefer my humor more potent. Homestar Runner gives you the same kinda feeling you got watching Napoleon Dynamite or Nacho Libre. It was kinda funny, but I didn’t laugh out loud. I guess I prefer more amusement for my comedy watching investment… of time, that is.

Here we go!

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Ok, so I got WordPress running on my site. The five-minute install really did only take five minutes. So, I can officially be considered a blogger, because as you can now see, I am blogging. Now, I can complement my new Phanfare photo gallery with a bunch of yammering about my family and travels and what ever should come to mind. What ever should come to mind would include matters historical, literal, food, drink, and cheese (which is a kind of food)… matters technological, educational, political, and spiritual. There are several stories that many, many people have been wearing me out with their demands that I publish in some kind of written form. By many, many people I mean two or three or the voices in my head. And by hounding me, I mean someone mentioned something that made me think of something else, that I thought might make a legendary blog entry. So if you are patient, I will undoubtedly include the long awaited first person accounts of how a rodent stowed away in our car on a trip down the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Also I will include my highly symbolic and yet to be interpreted “Waiting for Godot” and “Der General” dreams. Also I will describe how I was able to smuggle a Swiss Army knife onto an international flight. All this will come… later.

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